March 15, 1962 Mr.Leslie Smith of 4416 West 10th Ave, Vancouver purchased this car at Dueck on Broadway. He had recently retired and used the car to commute annually to Palm Springs where he spent his Winters.


In January 1978 he returned the car to Dueck’s with the news that the Motor Vehicle Department would not renew his Driving License and he was bringing the car home. He had taken meticulous care of the car with all the required services performed.


It was at this time that I purchased my 1st Car on January 30th, 1978 for $973.00. I was 16 years old and I would have never believed that I would still have this car so many years later. At the time of purchase the car had 38,000 Miles


Over the years I have continued to ensure that all mechanical requirements are kept to a high standard. I painted the car in the early 90’s and otherwise continues as original.

1962 Monza with Hands Wheels

1962 Monza with Hands Wheels. I was very fortunate to find a set of Hands Wheels which were original on a Devin owned by Mark Reed of Victoria. Although the car only has the 102 HP Engine with a 4 speed…this does make the car look a ‘little’ sportier.