1965 Corsa 140

This car was purchased for $50 and we did a restoration in our single car garage including Painting. I drove this car through High School.

1964 Monza

This car was given to me for free. Consuming about a litre of Oil on the trip home we did a restoration including engine, body work, paint in the single car garage. Selling for $650 with about $200 invested.

1966 Corsa 180 Turbo

This car was bought and we restored it mechanically, painted it in our garage and sold for a profit to be reinvested in another car.

1970 Epic GT

Forming our British Period, this was a hot little car, very light, with a 120 HP Dual Overhead Cam. My brother and I actually had twin cars for a short time. One night I had been pulled over by the police for driving a little too sporty and given a warning to go home. Later that same night my brother was pulled over by the same officer in the same neighbourhood….he couldn’t understand why he was given such a rough time !

1972 MG Midget

Completing our British period was this 1972 Midget. A friend of ours Rob MacGregor who had been a Canadian Sportscar Champion in an H Production Midget. This car enjoyed a generous donation from his parts bin with go fast bits.

1980 Chev S-10

This was a great all purpose vehicle which I used to commute to University as well as doing Landscaping jobs on weekends. At one point I ran it on Corvette Wheels and Tires.

1982 Chev X-11

This was my wife’s car before we were married. She never quite forgave me for forcing her to sell her 1974 MGB for the Chevy

1985 Buick Skyhawk

In 1985 I finished University and started my career as a Sales Representative for The Nabob Coffee Company. It was not an exciting car..BUT it was a company car and came with a credit card to pay for all gas and maintenance. Also had one of the first in car telephones which cost in 1985 $3600 to install.

1969 Impala Convertible

Recently married and recently employeed with a company car, I tried to convince my wife to drive this car so I didn’t have to sell it. It was a bit big for downtown driving.

1978 Beetle Cabriolet

After selling the Impala, we bought this super Beetle which ended up blowing up with a bad crankshaft…longer story covered in the VW Saga section of this site