1964 Greenbrier Purchase

We found this car on Ebay and coordinated the purchase with the Corsa Convention in Ventura, California. The former owner Steve Simon had owned the Van since the mid 80’s and had performed a beautiful restoration over that time.

1964 Greenbrier Engine

Very Clean engine bay which includes the compressor for the A/C unit which was retrofitted from a VW Vanagon…blows cool !

1964 Greenbrier AC

Here is the interior look of this very slick installation in the Greenbrier

1964 Greenbrier July 2011

We have done some further improvements to the Greenbrier with new rear Suspension and tightening up the Shifting mechanism for the 4 Speed

1964 Greenbrier 2012

The Van originally came with the roof mounted plastic vent which was common to the era. We took this off and patched the roof and painted the roof in matching White.