1965 Corsa Turbo New Tires

Replacing the original tires and wheel covers we put on a set of 14” Rally Wheels with Corvette ‘Top Hat’ Centers. We think it gives the car a more aggressive stance.

1965 Corsa Turbo Purchase Day

This car came in 2009 and strangely was only 15 minutes from my home. The former owner Al McLeod had too many cars and wanted to finish his Corsa Convertible.

1965 Corsa Turbo Trunk

As a Canadian built car the trunk is painted the body colour. Al McLeod was by profession an Autobody Painter and did a beautiful job on this paint.

1965 Corsa Turbo 180

Recently we had Rob Hall of Corvair Specialties do some upgrades including new clutch and brakes. It is a great driver.