1966 Corsa Before

This car was the hardest car to purchase. In 1991 while living in Calgary a guy finding out I collected Corvair’s told me his friend had the nicest Corvair in Canada…well I had to see it. After about a year I finally got to be escorted to an isolated warehouse to see the car. It sure was nice ! Craig Roberts said he may think of selling it. When he finally decided to sell it I thought I had the high bid…only to be outbid by a few hundred dollars. Some months later the friend said the sale had not gone through and the car was still owned by Craig Roberts. Problem for me was we had just bought a new home in Vancouver and the last thing I needed was to add further to my debt in buying this car !

Against my wife’s wishes I came to an agreement with Craig and arranged to buy the car. As it turned out the car was actually still in the name of Craig’s Father and the family decided that there were too many memories in the car to sell it….foiled again !! Over the next 8 years I stayed in contact with Ed Roberts and one day while in Calgary I called to tell him of my continuing interest. He told me to come over and we would talk. After a drive we agreed on a price….it of course had to occur just as we were buying a new home…so again the timing was not perfect…but after 10 years of pursuit, finally had the car. Now the bad news…after a few years of enjoyment the car had an electrical short and fried the wiring loom all the way from the battery to the dash. This started a new journey…doing a full restoration !

1966 Corsa Sandblast

With a desire to go from the original white to black we did a full sand blast to get down to metal and ensure everything was fine.

1966 Corsa New Wheels

The car will run with two sets of wheels. Was able to get a NOS set of Mag Style wheel covers at the Ventura Convention of Corsa to run on the original 13 inch wheels. This picture is the 15” Rally Wheels with the 67 Camaro caps.