VW Saga 3

Bruce was going to drive the car back to Calgary from Vancouver so I was going to get it ready to go ! For the first time in 10 years the old reliable Beetle would not start and Bruce was not able to drive it back. Undeterred, Bruce didn’t want the fuel injection engine anyway and we organized for the engine to be swapped prior to his drive to Calgary. With the flights booked Bruce arrived with his new bride and planned for a wonderful top down camping trip back to Calgary. Following a 36 hour non stop effort the The Old Beetle Shop completed the swap and although a little late Bruce and Leslie headed off on their journey….25 minutes down the road a horrific screaming started from the engine. Limping back to The Old Beetle Shop, they left the car and resumed their journey with a rented car and a less than enthusiastic Leslie…wondering about Bruce’s odd attraction to this silly old German car ?

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